About Us

Who Are We?

Technicals Solution is an Amazon Affiliate Website that helps Customers in Choosing Various Tech Products. These Products are Walkie Talkies and Radios for the time.

Technicals Solution was Founded by James A. He is the Main founder and Currently the CEO of Technicals Solution. He with his friends and colleagues started this project back in 2019.

Our Team

We are a Team of 3 Members which are Mike Cold (Administrator), James (Administrator), and Meyer kid (Author). All three Team members have expertise in their own Fields.

James A. is Man behind this Project. He is the Inventor of Technicals solutions. Now he is working as a CEO at Technicals Solution.

James is a Founder of Technicals Solution. He is a Passionate Writer, Freelancer, Web Developer, and Blogger who shares thoughts and ideas to help people improve themselves.

Mike Cold is a Co-Partner and Investor of Technical solutions. He is the Co-Partner and Works as a Team Lead in Technicals solutions. Mike Cold is an expert in Business Management and Planning. He has been working in this field since 2018.

Meyer Kid is working as an Author at Technicals Solution. He is responsible for Managing content quality and all other matters.

Meyer Kid has been working as an Article Writer since 2017. He is successfully running multiple blogs and Affiliate Websites.

Our Mission

Technicals solution was founded in order to facilitate customers in buying the best long range walkie talkies, short range walkie talkies and radios from Amazon. We mainly focused on creating Best User Experience for Customers and making their decision of Purchasing as simple as possible.