Can I Take the Ham Radio License Test Online?

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This article provides the answer to your question Can I take the ham radio license test online? and a comprehensive exploration of the possibility of taking the Ham Radio License test online and the dynamics that come into play during the process.

We’ll discuss the importance of Ham radio and the FCC license, outline the steps to getting started with obtaining a Ham radio license, and delve into the topic of remote testing, followed by guidelines for the online Ham radio license examination and procedures following the successful completion of the examination.

Short Answer For “Can I Take the Ham Radio License Test Online?”

Yes, you can take the Ham Radio Licence Test online. This test is available digitally through a variety of online platforms and examination teams across the United States.

Introduction to Ham Radio and FCC License

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Before we discuss the test, it’s essential to understand some background information on the subject at hand.

What is Ham Radio?

Ham Radio, also known as amateur radio, represents a diverse group of people who communicate using radio frequencies assigned for amateur radio. Radio amateurs exercise this mode of communication for social, non-commercial exchanges, self-training, private recreation, emergency communication, or experimentation.

Understanding the FCC License

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license is a legal requirement for ham radio operations across the United States, permitting license holders to operate amateur radio installations. Radio operation without an FCC license constitutes a breach of federal regulations.

The Importance of Amateur Radio Communication

Amateur radio communication has proven quintessential in numerous high-stake situations, such as during natural disasters or other emergencies, serving as a lifeline and crucial method of communication during catastrophic events.

Getting Started With Ham Radio License

Before diving into where you can take the ham radio exam let’s first discuss how to get started on your Ham Radio License journey.

The 3 Ham Radio License Levels

The FCC offers three levels of licenses; the Technician License, the General License, and the Amateur Extra License. Each level increases the permissions and frequencies available to the licensee.

Preparing for Your Ham Radio License Test

To qualify for each level, you must pass a certain exam. Take the time to prepare thoroughly for your ham radio exam by utilizing materials provided on various online platforms, like the ARRl and Ham Radio Prep, where you can find the type of questions you’ll encounter.

Requirements to Take the Ham Radio License Exam

Anyone can apply for a license and take the test. As part of the FCC regulations, you need to provide a valid identification document and have an FCC Registration Number (FRN). Be ready to pay the exam fee, which varies depending on the VEC administering the test.

Taking the Ham Radio License Test Online: Is It Possible?

There’s been a paradigm shift towards remote testing in recent years.

Impact of the Pandemic on Ham Radio License Testing

The global pandemic paved the way for major changes, one being a shift from traditional in-person examination towards online testing, thus allowing candidates to take the ham radio test online from any zip code in the country.

The Shift to Online Testing Platforms

To adapt to the challenging climate, several Volunteer Examination Coordinators (VECs) migrated their ham radio license exam sessions to online platforms like Zoom. GLAARG and ARRL are notable VECs providing online testing services, each taking measures to prevent cheating.

How to Register for an Online Ham Radio License Test

You must sign up in advance to take the ham radio license test online. Go to the VEC’s website, select an available session, fill out your details like FRN, and pay the fee. Your seat is confirmed once payment is received.

Guidelines for the Online Ham Radio License Test

Beyond registration, there are a few more things to remember.

Understanding the Regulations and Supervision for the Online Test

During the online exam session, a team of Volunteer Examiners (VEs) supervises the candidates. Most online tests are administered by volunteer exam coordinators and meet FCC regulations using proctoring software to ensure the integrity of the test.

Technical Requirements and Exam Session Guidelines

For the remote testing session, you need a decent internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone. You will also need a quiet, clutter-free workspace where you can take the ham radio license test online uninterrupted.

Fee Structure for the Online Ham Radio License Test

While the test fee varies among VECs, most online ham radio license tests range between $10 and $15.

Next Steps After Passing the Ham Radio License Test Online

Once you pass the online exam and get your license, there’s much you can do.

Upgrading from Technician to General License to Extra License

The technician license is the level 1 entry point into ham radio operations, but you can upgrade to the General and Amateur Extra licenses by taking the respective exams.

Joining a Ham Radio Club

Participating in a club helps to bolster your knowledge and skills while fostering community and camaraderie among like-minded individuals.

Becoming a Volunteer Examiner (VE)

As a licensed amateur radio operator, you can give back to the community by becoming a volunteer examiner, where you get to administer the exams to the next generation of operators.

In conclusion, the advent of online testing platforms now allows you to take the ham radio license test online, conveniently and efficiently. The process, while convenient and increasingly becoming the norm, still requires a robust understanding of ham radio operations, preparation, adherence to testing regulations, and, importantly, a passion for radio communication.


Can I take the ham radio license test online instead of an in-person exam?

Yes, due to the global pandemic situation, the good news is that you can take your ham radio test online. The amateur radio community has innovated and made the testing process available online.

What platform is used for the Ham radio test online?

Various amateur radio clubs use secure platforms such as Zoom for ham radio license instruction and testing online. You’ll need to get in touch with a specific club to know more about their platform.

Do I need to give my ID for the ham radio test online?

Yes, ID verification is a part of the examination protocol. You must attend the session with an adequate ID to ensure the integrity of the amateur radio license test.

How can I access the Ham radio test questions before taking the test?

In general, test questions are not openly shared. However, some amateur radio clubs and online instruction platforms might provide some guidance or sample questions. It’s best to get in touch with them or the examination team.

What privileges do I get after successfully passing the ham radio test online?

After you pass the test and get approval, your first-level amateur radio license provides you with the privilege to communicate over a range of frequencies.

How many people must approve my exam before I receive my amateur radio license?

As per the standard protocol, three Volunteer Examiners (VEs) must approve your exam before you receive your amateur license.

What should I keep in mind while preparing for the ham radio test online?

Preparing for the ham radio test is quite straightforward. You should focus on understanding the basics of amateur radio communication. Also, keep in mind that the minimum passing score is 74%.

Can I upgrade my ham radio license by giving an online test?

Yes, to upgrade from the first level to the second level, you can take an online test. The protocol remains the same for both levels of the exam.

How long is my amateur radio license valid after I pass the online test?

The amateur radio license is valid for 10 years, after which it needs renewal. In some special cases, lifetime certificates are also provided.

Can I switch to in-person tests after conducting the first one online?

Yes, whether you want to conduct your tests online is up to you. You can certainly do that if you can arrange to appear in person, in a college or club conducting the exam.


Yes, you can take the Ham Radio License Test online. Numerous online platforms and examination teams across the U.S. offer the opportunity to complete this test virtually. Using an online platform provides convenience and accessibility, thereby making the journey toward attaining a Ham Radio License seamless and efficient.

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