Best High Power Walkie Talkie

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Are you looking for the Best High Power Walkie Talkie? Even though walkie-talkies come in all shapes and sizes, it is very difficult to find long-range walkie-talkies with decent quality. There is no way to ensure more than 35 miles of range.

There are indeed many long-distance walkie-talkies that claim a high range, but the range that you experience will be much shorter.

You will find everything you need to know here so that you can pick out the best walkie-talkie for hunting, skiing, road trips, or cruise ships, from among the many options available to you.

To begin with, what is a long-distance walkie-talkie? With these two-way radios, you can communicate far more with a wider range of frequency and bandwidth than you can with a basic walkie-talkie.

Best High Power Walkie Talkie update

Retevis RT5 High Power Walkie Talkie

High Power Dual Band Two Way Radios Rechargeable, Emergency LCD Walkie Talkies for Adults with Earpiece (Red, 2 Pack)

Best High Power Walkie Talkie update

Two Pack BaoFeng UV-5R High Power Walkie Talkie

Two-Way Radio 3800mAh Battery & ABBREE Tactical Antenna (2pcs 5R8W+42.5″)

Best High Power Walkie Talkie

Two Pcs BAOFENG UV-82 High Power Walkie Talkie

Ham Radio 2M/70CM Portable Two Way Radio Dual PTT Handheld Amateur Radio with Extra 3800mAh Battery +771 Antenna(Pack of 2pcs Radios)

Best High Power Walkie Talkie

TYT TH-UV8000D High Power Walkie Talkie

10W Walkie Talkies Cross-Band Repeater Dual Band VHF UHF Two-Way Radio

Best High Power Walkie Talkie

Radioddity GA-510 10-Watt High Power Walkie Talkie

Handheld High Power Long Range Two Way Radio with Two Rechargeable 2200mAh Batteries & Programming Cable, works with Chirp

You can get long-range transmission and reception with the best walkie-talkies if you live in a desert without obstructions like trees, hills, and buildings, but only if you’re in a desert without any trees, hills, or buildings. However, a range of 3 miles will suffice in most cases.

1. Retevis RT5 High Power Walkie Talkie

Best High Power Walkie Talkie update
Best High Power Walkie Talkie update
  • Brand: Retevis
  • Color: Red
  • Number of Channels: 128
  • Frequency Range: 65 – 108 MHz
  • Tuner Technology: RT5

Our son and I traveled together in our separate jeeps, so we needed a way to communicate. We purchased some other cheap talkies which were terrible. We purchased these, easily programmed using their software, and they are great. 

I can’t give you an accurate estimate of the distance between us in miles since we do not use them that way. While driving, we have been half a mile apart, yet we have been able to easily communicate with each other regardless of the weather.

Key Feature of Retevis RT5 High Power Walkie Talkie

  • There are 128 channels on the Retevis RT5 High Power Walkie Talkie, so you can choose different channels depending on the situation.
  • As a high-efficiency walkie-talkie, the RT5 supports car chargers and has a long-lasting battery. It possesses a battery capacity of 1400mAh and can be used for approximately 8-12 hours on a single charge.
  • The Retevis RT5 Walkie-Talkie is equipped with a much louder speaker and original earpiece, so you will be able to communicate clearly and securely in a variety of situations, such as at home, in the office, or on construction sites.
  • A Retevis RT5 has the advanced features of two-way radio, and flashlight, as well as a high-resolution LCD that can be used in a variety of situations.
  • Screen display and Keypad editing functions
  • Keyboard Programming and PC programmable
  • High, medium, and low power can be switched freely according to specific purposes
  • FM function can help you spend more leisure time
  • Durable and cost-effective
  • Children and the elderly find it difficult to use

2. Two Pack BaoFeng UV-5R High Power Walkie Talkie

Best High Power Walkie Talkie update
Two Pack BaoFeng UV-5R High Power Walkie Talkie
  • Brand: BAOFENG
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Channels: 128
  • Frequency Range: 144-148MHz 420-450MHz
  • Tuner Technology: UHF, VHF

“This is a great programmable radio that can be used for anything from FRS to shortwave frequencies. With this package, you will receive extended-life batteries which will allow you to operate without a charge for the weekend.

It is a bit confusing to use the controls at the beginning, but once you get the hang of them, you will find them very straightforward. It is a good idea to use an app called Chirp to program the radios for the frequencies you require. Chirp will make your life much easier and once set up, you can program as many radios as you need.”

Key Feature of Two Pack BaoFeng UV-5R High Power

  • Two Pack BaoFeng UV-5R High Power Walkie Talkie can reach out to more people in a large area, this two pack handheld transceiver is FCC Part 15 Part 97 Certified. It has 128 privacy codes and a frequency range of 400-520MHz.
  • Two Pack BaoFeng UV-5R High Power Walkie Talkie – With 42.5inch length Tactical Antenna, talkie with more Long Rang, perfect for Family and Outdoors.
  • With a 3800mAh high-capacity battery, the BaoFeng UV-5R High Power Walkie Talkie has a longer operating time.
  • We are pleased to announce that you can now purchase the famous Baofeng UV-5R device with the enhancements of dual display/dual standby, keypad lock, and triple watch functionality.
  • It is very affordable to buy a Baofeng UV-5R
  • Compact radio
  • HHR pouches are lightweight and easy to carry
  • The initial assessment of manufacturing quality is good
  • The charging base fits the unit well
  • As it isn’t P25 capable, it can’t serve as a police communications device

3. Two Pcs BAOFENG UV-82 High Power Walkie Talkie

Best High Power Walkie Talkie
Two Pcs BAOFENG UV-82 High Power Walkie Talkie
  • Brand: BAOFENG
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Channels: 128
  • Frequency Range: 144-148 MHz
  • Tuner Technology: VHF

“There is no doubt that the price of this radio is exceptional considering the quality and accessories that came with it. It is not only an exceptional value, but the radio came with every accessory that I could possibly need. In addition, I received TWO of each accessory. 

As part of the package, you will receive a radio as well as a drop-in charging stand, two antennas (one for use with local repeaters and simplex, and one antenna for use at very long ranges), and two Lithium Ion batteries (one 1800mAh battery, and a 3800mAh battery) that will provide very long battery life. 

As well as the radio, it included a very nice earpiece with a TX button. There was probably more, but that’s all I remember at the moment.”

Key Feature of BAOFENG UV-82 High Power Walkie Talkie

  • The BAOFENG UV-82 is High Power.Low/Medium/High three-section power-adjustable. High Power is for long-range high-frequency ground wave communication.Low/medium power is for short-range communication.
  • FCC Part 15 Part 97 Certified, FFC ID: 2AJGM-UV82 – Two Pieces BOAOFENG UV-82 High Power Walkie Talkies.
  • Because of 1800 mAh battery, you will spend more time communicating with your family and friends without worrying about battery life.
  • Each set of BAOFENG two-way radios is paired with a 771 soft antenna, which is more flexible and stretchable. Rubber duck antennas are made from flexible materials that can be bent or twisted to fit your preference. The antennas can also be wrapped around objects so that signals are better received.
  • You can program it easily
  • Built to a higher standard
  • For recreational purposes, this is a good radio
  • Batteries that last long
  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Having a hard time pressing the button

4. TYT TH-UV8000D High Power Walkie Talkie

Best High Power Walkie Talkie
TYT TH-UV8000D High Power Walkie Talkie
  • Brand: FONGHOO
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Channels: 125
  • Frequency Range: UHF, VHF
  • Tuner Technology: UHF, VHF

“The TYT TH-UV8000D is a high-power walkie-talkie dual-band handheld transceiver providing up to 10 watts on the frequency range of 144-148 MHz (2m) and 420-450 MHz (70cm). It supports the latest Amateur Radio band, which is the 70cm band, in the 1.25m bands in the FM Radio mode. 

TH-UV8000D incorporates TYT’s patented H.O.T. (High Output Transmitter) technology, which boasts a 10-watt output power (5/5/5/5 watts for 4/5/8/12W respectively). With a built-in 1000 mAh Li-ion battery, the TH-UV8000D offers standby times of up to 24 hours.

Key Feature of TYT TH-UV8000D High Power

  • An easy-to-use and practical handheld transceiver, the TYT TH-UV8000D High Power Walkie Talkie is designed for use by amateur radio operators and has 10W ultra-high output power. With the Cross-Band Repeater function, it can simultaneously connect two bands.
  • There is a frequency range of VHF 144-148 MHz and UHF 420-450 MHz (TX) and VHF 136-174 MHz and UHF 400-520 MHz (RX); The device is equipped with a programming cable. You can download the programming software and driver from the official website of TYT.
  • With dual-band (VHF/UHF) communication, the walkie-talkie can be switched between VHF (136-174MHz) and UHF (400-520MHz) for increased flexibility and improved reception.
  • A wide range of transmissions.
  • Clear and stable sound from powerful speakers
  • Power-saving feature and long battery life
  • Ham radio with dual bands
  • It’s a little confusing to use the menu system

5. Radioddity GA-510 10-Watt High Power Walkie Talkie

Best High Power Walkie Talkie
Radioddity GA-510 10-Watt High Power Walkie Talkie
  • Brand: Radioddity
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Channels: 128
  • Frequency Range: 144-148MHz, 420-450MHz
  • Tuner Technology: UHF, VHF

“The radio was shipped with the incorrect programming cable. I ordered a new cable at my own expense and notified the company about the incorrect cable. Based on the cost, I did not expect a response. 

The customer service was excellent and the radio quality was excellent as well. I was impressed with the customer service and the quality of the radio. 

If you are a licensed amateur radio operator or are considering becoming one, I would strongly recommend this radio. I did transmit to another radio and the audio was a little weak, however, it was still usable.”

Key Feature of Radioddity GA-510 10-Watt High

  • High power, tri-power, and long-range walkie-talkies – Tri-Power & Long Range: Its 10W high power feature provides a greater communication range. 3 power modes (high/medium/low) are available on the Radioddity GA-510 (10W, 5W, 1W) so you can talk at your best.
  • It is more convenient to manually program most of the settings through the keypad, as well as to program the device through the PC using the cable included in the box. SUPPORT CHIRP.
  • Compared with another walkie talkie the GA-510 has up to 96 hours of battery life, which is 3 times longer. So you can have it with you for a long time and enjoy your radio communication with friends and family.
  • The radio is one of the best you can find on the market. It has a dual-band, a dual watch, and dual displays. It is covered with a hard case outside, which is ideal for business and outdoor use, such as in construction, security work, and survival.
  • New, updated, and easy-to-read display
  • A friendlier menu makes it easy to program from the radio
  • Loudspeaker, clear transmit
  • 2 batteries are enclosed
  • The radio itself looks sharp!
  • There is no support for CHIRP


In this article, we have explored the different kinds of High Power walkie-talkies. We have discussed their features, working mechanisms, and some of their pros and cons. While most of these walkie-talkies are created for various purposes, some of them are specialized for specific use.

You can buy them depending on your requirements and needs. After reading the above-mentioned information, you can now easily choose the best walkie-talkies for yourself. We hope this article has helped you to decide what you should buy.

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