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Looking for Nextel walkie talkie phones? No Worries we have gathered the Best Nextel Walkie Talkie Phone with detailed review guides.

A Nextel walkie-talkie phone is a two-way radio type device that uses Nextel’s walkie-talkie service. Nextel walkie talkie phones can be used to make and receive two-way radio-type calls from other Nextel walkie talkie phones.

What is a Nextel walkie talkie phone?

A Nextel walkie talkie phone is a phone that allows you to communicate with other Nextel walkie-talkie phones without using a cellular network.

Nextel walkie-talkies use a two-way radio system, which means that you can talk to anyone who has a Nextel walkie-talkie phone within range of your signal.

Nextel walkie talkie phones are perfect for people who need to stay in touch without using a lot of data, or for people who are in areas with weak or no cellular coverage.

What are the benefits of walkie-talkie phones?

Walkie-talkie phones have several benefits that make them ideal for use in a variety of situations.

  • First, they are very simple to use, making them perfect for people who are not familiar with using traditional cell phones. 
  • Second, they have great battery life, meaning that you can use them for long periods without having to worry about recharging. 
  • Third, they are very rugged and durable, making them ideal for use in outdoor or other tough environments. 
  • Two-way communications are going to be much easier. For example, if you have a large family, you can keep track of them with walkie-talkie phones. 
  • If you have a business, it’s also going to be beneficial for you. With walkie-talkies, your workers can report any issues to you, and it’s going to make your job a lot easier. 
  • Finally, they are very affordable, making them a great option for people on a budget.



Reason To Buy


NEXTEL T1000 Walkie Talkies
  • Weather Alerts – This is why there are 11 weather channels on the radio Know in advance.
Sprint Nextel Deluxe iC902
  • Customize with the latest ringtones, wallpaper, games, and more.
Nextel Motorola i576
  • Customize with the latest ringtones, wallpaper, games, and more.

How does a walkie talkie phone work?

The walkie-talkie has been around since World War II and has since evolved into a two-way communication device used by everyday people and businesses.

The walkie talkie still uses radio waves to communicate, but a modern-day walkie talkie can do much more than transmit voice messages between a pair of people.

Some advanced walkie-talkie devices can act as two-way radios and even function as smartphones, providing the capabilities of a smartphone without phone functionality.

Originally, walkie-talkies were comprised of a transmitter, a receiver, and a pair of headsets. The headsets were primarily used for long-distance communication. 

What to look out for in the next walkie talkie phone?

In the next generation of walkie-talkie phones, we can expect to see even more features and functions packed into these handy devices. Some of the things to look out for include: 

  • Improved battery life for longer use on the go 
  • The enhanced audio quality for clearer communication 
  • More robust and durable construction to withstand tough conditions 
  • Expanded range for better coverage 
  • Additional features such as 
  • GPS tracking
  • Weather alerts, and more

What are the Uses of the Nextel Walkie Talkie Phones?

Today’s walkie talkies are significantly more advanced and can be used for a range of activities, including: 

  • Communicating with someone a long distance away, whether it’s across the ocean, across town, or even across the street! 
  • Communicating with someone in a crowded place, such as a stadium or concert, where cell phone signals are likely to either be blocked or overwhelmed by the sheer amount of cell phone users.
  • Taking part in a group activity, such as hiking, where the group can use the walkie-talkies to communicate with each other. 
  • Signaling for help in an emergency, such as getting rescued from a forest or a desert.

Nextel walkie-talkie phone offers a service called Direct Connect that lets you connect to another Nextel user with just a click.

If the other user is within the local coverage area, this service is typically free. Nextel even allows you to connect to a group of users (up to 100 at once), similar to the dispatcher’s radio that police and taxi companies use. For companies with a workforce that can be spread out, like construction companies, Nextel is a popular choice.

Nextel walkie talkie Phone

In addition to sharing a cell network with other providers, Nextel has its special cellular network with its frequencies and equipment. The Direct Connect network is based on Motorola’s Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN).

The radio spectrum for this service is located at 800 MHz, which is assigned to specialized mobile radio (SMR). Across a significant number of the national and international cellular service markets, Nextel has purchased significant segments of these frequencies.

With TDMA, a 25KHz frequency is split into six-time slots. iDEN provides the following capabilities using a combination of half-duplex and full-duplex signals:

  • Voice communications on a cell phone
  • A pager or e-mail for messaging
  • Dispatch calls can be made over digital two-way radio (one-to-one and group).
  • Wireless Web and private networks (data services)

A half-duplex signal is used in a digital two-way radio. For a normal cell phone call, one frequency is used to transmit and one to receive, whereas, for a Direct Connect call, only one frequency is used. Direct Connect utilizes Push To Talk (PTT), a technology commonly found in dispatch radio systems.

When using PTT, the speaker presses a button while talking and releases it after they are finished. In response, the listener presses their button. The system then knows how to send the signal in the right direction.

Nextel configures the dispatch call service on your phone to reach the person or persons you specify using Direct Connect. Nextel’s service must be used by this individual (or group). Direct Connect calls work like this.

  • You press the Direct Connect button, and you are prompted to enter the number(s) of the person (or group) you are calling.
  • The Nextel iDEN-based network establishes a connection with your phone.
  • As opposed to an interconnection call (a normal cell phone call), this is a dispatch call (Direct Connect).
  • Next, the network determines whether it is a one-to-one or a group call. When a group call is made, the network duplicates the digital voice packets for each phone in the group.
  • Networks route packets to the phone (or phones) of the person (or group) you are calling.
  • A Direct Connect call alerts them on their phone.
  • By pressing the Talk button, they answer the call. In a one-to-one or group call, the speaker is the person who presses the button.
  • All parties disconnect at the end of the call.

As you can see, Direct Connect still relies on cellular technology to communicate with recipients. In a normal “walkie-talkie” style two-way radio, the radios can only communicate if they are within a certain distance from one another.

With Direct Connect, Nextel’s customers can communicate anywhere within the service area specified by the company, typically a large urban area or even an entire state.

1. NEXTEL T1000 Walkie Talkies

  • Brand: Nextel
  • Number of Channels: 20
  • Number of Batteries: 2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
  • Item Weight: 1.2 Pounds

I purchased the radios through a friend to get free shipping for Andrew Gillman, a professional adventurer, and endurance athlete.

My experience with these radios has been excellent. They have been useful for setting up climbing systems, boat rowing, and skiing in Colorado. They are the best purchase I have made this year.

In addition to NOAA weather channels, many security channels are available so others in the area will not interfere with the signal. The battery lasts longer than most of the other walkie-talkies I have. The guide is excellent, and the kids have not broken them yet. For big adventures in Alaska and Colorado, I am likely to purchase two more pairs.

Key Feature of NEXTEL T1000 Walkie Talkies

  • This walkie-talkie is the perfect outdoor companion for your family. It features NOAA weather alerts, a handset belt clip, and an LED flashlight. It also has a sleek and modern design to make it a great addition to both urban and outdoor settings.
  • A weather receiver alerts you when dangerous weather conditions are present and these walkie-talkies come with CTCSS/DCS codes and VOX lockouts to ensure clear communications.
  • There is a two-way radio integrated into the Nextel T1000, as well as the capability of paging and wireless scanning for a radius of up to 35 miles. Long-range communication is possible with this device, which can be used in a variety of settings, including work, in the field, and during natural disasters.
  • Switching between two channels is easy with the programmable side keys.
  • They feature an NOAA weather radio, 5 MURS channels, and 11 weather channels.
  • 2way radio
  • Sides key
  • MURS Channel
  • Emergency Alarm
  • CTCSS/DCS code
  • No serve

2. Sprint Nextel Deluxe iC902

Sprint Nextel Deluxe iC902
Sprint Nextel Deluxe iC902
  • Brand: Motorola
  • Color: Silver
  • Telephone Type: Corded
  • Answering System Type: Digital

The Motorola Sprint Nextel iC902 Deluxe is a compact and stylish push-to-talk phone that offers a full QWERTY keyboard, a 2.0-megapixel camera, and the ability to view the screen from nearly any angle.

The ic902 from Sprint also features a built-in camera and a speakerphone for taking pictures and video clips.

In addition, the Motorola ic902 includes a high-contrast screen for easy viewing, a built-in MP3 player, 7MB of internal memory for storing music, and a 1.3-megapixel camera to capture memories.

Key Feature of Sprint Nextel Deluxe iC902

  • This mobile phone combines Sprint Nextel’s industry-leading push-to-talk technology with a full-featured flip phone, complete with a 1.3-megapixel camera and video capture capability as well as internet access.
  • It features an incoming call light and easy-to-use controls. You will never have to miss a call again with the Sprint Nextel Deluxe iC902 – Speakerphone.
  • Featuring a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, and an optional GSM radio, this Sprint tri-band CDMA phone is the latest in Sprint’s iDEN phone line.
  • Among Sprint Nextel’s cell phones is the Sprint Nextel Deluxe iC902, which offers a full QWERTY keyboard, 2.6-inch display, and up to 160 characters of text messaging.
  • big clear screens inside and out
  • fairly solid feel.
  • good camera quality
  • loudspeakers (mp3 and voice)
  • direct connect is clear and has good reception
  • calls sound good and are not dropped often
  • Multitasking is not possible without an application manager
  • It is easy to press the outside buttons in a pocket (mainly the volume buttons)

3. Nextel Motorola i576

Nextel Motorola i576
Nextel Motorola i576
  • Brand: Motorola
  • Wireless Carrier: Nextel
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB
  • Color: Black

If you are looking for rugged reliability, superior Nextel service, and a trusty rugged durable Nextel Motorola i576 that is simple to use, then this is the cell phone for you.

Rugged & Durable Nextel Motorola i576 No Contract Cell Phone has an integrated instant-on two-way radio that feels natural, is easy to use, and lets you live your life without missing a beat Plus.

The Motorola i576 Nextel Cell Phone has a lightweight and slim design that won’t weigh you down. The Motorola i576 Nextel cell phone is a perfect size and fits comfortably in your hand.

Key Feature of Nextel Motorola i576

  • This Nextel Motorola i576 PTT rugged cell phone is made to be tough. Shock-resistant exterior and rubberized exterior for extra protection against bumps, blows, and dings; Built for extreme weather conditions; The thick silicone gel slip cover surrounds the device to create a tortoise shell for your phone; Hardened plastic bar on the front of the device adds extra support
  • Copper fibers are completely woven into the fabric, creating the strongest and most comfortable fabric. Besides being soft to the touch and breathable, our gloves provide
  • Depth-proportional Navigation Keys.
  • DuraForm® Handles with Integrated LED Flashlight
  • Enhanced Durability with Rubber Grips
  • Focus on the Essentials: Great battery life (up to 20 hours) and minimalistic design
  • Blue-tooth!
  • Military Spec.
  • Smaller than the i850
  • Telenav support (GPS nav.)
  • Sleek design
  • Smaller screen than the i850

New Nextel chirp phones

Currently, Nextel’s chirp phones are no longer available as the company was acquired by Sprint in 2005 and is no longer in operation.

Some newer phones from other service providers, including Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon, still offer push-to-talk technology, similar to the chirp feature offered by Nextel.

Despite the fact that these phones are not branded as Nextel, they provide similar functionality. Service providers and phone models may vary in terms of push-to-talk availability and subscription costs.

What is the best Nextel Walkie Talkie Phone with radio functionality?

The best Nextel Walkie Talkie Phone with radio functionality varies based on individual needs. However, the Nextel iDEN series from 2004, which features push-to-talk capability and an IP54 waterproof rating, is known for its radio functionality and rugged design.

How does the cellular network operate on the Nextel Walkie Talkie Phone?

The Nextel Walkie Talkie Phone operates on the cellular network with a distinctive feature, the direct (PTT) or Push-To-Talk technology. This acts like a two-way radio allowing immediate, nationwide communication.

Will the GPS tracking device on Nextel Walkie Talkie Phones work on mobile networks?

The GPS feature on Nextel Walkie Talkie Phones is designed to work efficiently across mobile networks like T-mobile and Verizon, offering unlimited, nationwide coverage.

Why were the Nextel Walkie Talkie Phones considered fun?

Nextel Walkie Talkie Phones were considered fun due to their distinctive electronic “chirp” tone and functionality to work as a two-way radio. They were often seen as a toy because they could go a day in public without hearing one.

What new features are available in the current range of the Nextel brand’s Walkie Talkie Phones?

The current range of Nextel Walkie Talkie Phones now offers features like mobile radio technology for better communications, an Android operating system for smartphone features, and additional information and services through specific apps. They also offer a link to business and fleet services, increasing their utility for professional use.

Does Nextel have a Walkie Talkie Phone with a rugged build?

Nextel Walkie Talkie Phones are known for their rugged build. Many models are resistant to water and have an IP54 waterproof rating. This makes them a great device for outdoor and emergency situations.

How does the privacy policy protect users using Nextel Walkie Talkie phones?

The privacy policy of Nextel Communications ensures the proper handling of user data. It outlines what data is collected, how it is used, and the user’s rights regarding their data, providing users with a secure communication experience.

What kind of services does the Nextel push to talk feature provide across the nationwide cellular network?

The push-to-talk feature offers instant communication across a nationwide cellular network. Users can make unlimited calls, send SMS, and even make group calls, making it useful for both personal and business communication.

Are Nextel Walkie Talkie Phones available for purchase via auction?

Nextel Walkie Talkie Phones can occasionally be found for purchase via auctions, second-hand stores, or online platforms like eBay. However, it’s important to ensure the phone is in good condition and still operates properly.

Does Push-To-Talk functionality work like a real two-way radio?

Push-To-Talk functionality works like a real two-way radio allowing direct and instant communication between Nextel Walkie Talkie Phone users. This feature was a trademark of the Nextel brand, setting it apart from other mobile phones.


The Nextel Walkie Talkie Phone is a great option for anyone who wants to take part in radio communication. This phone is designed with a sleek, eye-catching design. It’s also an easy-to-use phone.

Anyone who wants to make a call will be able to do so. Even if you’re switching from a cell phone to the Nextel Walkie Talkie Phone, you won’t have a hard time figuring this phone out. It’s also a great option for individuals who are looking to upgrade their current phone.

The Nextel Walkie Talkie Phone is a high-quality phone that’s designed to last. It’s a phone that’s also designed to be tough. If you drop this phone, you won’t have to worry about it breaking. This phone is also a great option for individuals who have busy lives. It’s a phone that’s easy to

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