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The best professional walkie-talkies are indispensable for any business that relies on instant communication, especially in a crisis. Our choice of top-quality walkie-talkies ensures that you can always rely on your two-way radios to give you the best possible service. 

With our high-performance walkie-talkies, your employees will be able to communicate with one another during their assigned tasks and projects.

Walkie-talkie radios with full power are among our stock of high-quality, professional walkie-talkies. There is a large difference in power between the “license-free” radios and these, which usually output 4, 5, or more watts, which in practice means that these radios will have a longer range, and will penetrate buildings better.

Best Top 4 Professional Walkie Talkies

VOZKOM Profeessional Walkie Talkies
Motorola RDU4160D Professional Walkie Talkies
  • 2-Way UHF Frequency Professional Two-Way Radio (2-Pack)
Motorola RMU2040 Professional Walkie Talkies
  • Business Two-Way Radio with 2 Watts/4 Channels Military Spec 20 Floor Range
Baofeng Professional Walkie Talkies
  • 2 Way Lithium Battery Radio with Flashlight Long Range Handheld Transceiver(2 Pack)

Ofcom will need to issue a license to use these radios. Generally, companies or organizations must have one radio license, not one license for each radio, and these licenses last for 5 years.

1. VOZKOM Profeessional Walkie Talkies

VOZKOM Profeessional Walkie Talkies
VOZKOM Professional Walkie Talkies
  • Brand: VOZKOM
  • Color: Yellow and black
  • Number of Channels: 22
  • Special Feature: NOAA Radio, High Power, Scanner Two Way Radio, FM Radio, Vox
  • Talking Range: Maximum 30 Mils

My dad and I purchased these walkie-talkies for our hiking trips in the woods. They have worked well so far! The sound is clear and loud, and they haven’t been too far away to not work, as was the case with our previous walkie-talkies.

Key Feature of VOZKOM Professional Walkie Talkies

  • The VOZKOM Professional Walkie Talkies – Two-way radios offer 22 channels and a channel scan to check activity. They also have a tone-scanning feature and a dual watch so you can follow two conversations simultaneously.
  • With its small and lightweight design, it is well-suited for outdoor activities. It is equipped with a Li-ion battery that will ensure that you can talk for a long time. Additionally, it is equipped with NOAA weather scanning and NOAA radio, allowing you to keep track of the weather conditions at any time.
  • Security, law enforcement, and business owners can benefit from the VOZKOM Professional Walkie Talkies – 121 CTCSS/DCS Privacy Code. A rugged housing makes it ideal for outdoor use. Moreover, the walkie-talkies are designed to save energy, so you can use them for hours without draining their battery.
  • If you are looking for walkie-talkies that can be used for long-distance communication, then the GT60S walkie-talkies are the right choice for you. They can be used in a variety of environments, whether they are in the office or in outdoors. They are ideal for any situation in which long-distance communication is necessary.
  • A certification has been issued by the FCC that CH8-14 complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Emergency radio station for NOAA
  • Gear for camping that’s powerful
  • Choosing between low and high power
  • Lamps with LEDs
  • Pressing the button is difficult

2. Motorola RDU4160D Professional Walkie Talkies

Motorola RDU4160D Professional Walkie Talkies
Motorola RDU4160D Professional Walkie Talkies
  • Brand: Motorola Solutions
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Channels: 16
  • Tuner Technology: UHF
  • Voltage: 3.7 Volts

Excellent radios! We use these in our business operations and have had great results with them. I also purchased a hand-held speaker microphone for the unit, but was not completely satisfied with it.

Key Feature of Motorola RDU4160D Professional

  • A Type (FRS/GMRS) Business Walkie Talkie Can Be Used for Business, Factory, Plant, Office, Warehouse, and Security
  • Directional Microphone – Provides Clear Reception and Transmit Function. This feature helps the user to focus on communication with the desired person
  • Backlit Display – Provides a clear view in the dark
  • Available with DLC (Drop-In Charge Capability) – The Optional DLC Feature allows the radio to be charged by an external power source.
  • Motorola RDU4160D Walkie Talkie Business Two-Way Radio Has Full Duplex Capability
  • Businesses have exclusive access to these frequencies.
  • Charges can be made in a variety of ways.
  • Batteries last a long time.
  • The buttons can be programmed.
  • This product is water-resistant and durable. 
  • Clarity of the sound
  • Water is not completely able to penetrate the walkie-talkies.

3. Motorola RMU2040 Professional Walkie Talkies

Motorola RMU2040 Professional Walkie Talkies
Motorola RMU2040 Professional Walkie Talkies
  • Brand: Motorola
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Channels: 4
  • Tuner Technology: UHF
  • Voltage: 3.7 Volts

Keep in touch, stay connected, and get more done with the most advanced walkie-talkie. The RMU2040 is lightweight, portable, and manly. It has a battery level indicator that shows the talk time, and power-saving modes, great for those long hauls. 

With the long-range, you won’t break up or lose contact. This advanced walkie-talkie is great for construction sites, sales teams, and so much more. It features three selectable channels and an emergency alert button. 

Use this walkie-talkie in a mall or a busy area, and you will never miss an announcement or sale. You can also use this walkie-talkie in a warehouse, or on a delivery truck. The RMU2040 2-Watt walkie-talkies are perfect for communication and improving workplace efficiency. Add these Motorola walkie-talkies to your commercial fleet and take your business to the next level.

Key Feature of Motorola RMU2040 Professional

  • Four Motorola RMU2040 Two-Way Radios, four rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries, four desktop battery chargers with a 3-hour drop-in charging time, four swing-away carry cases, four user manuals, and four quick reference guides are included in a 4-pack.
  • A Motorola RMU2040 Professional Walkie-Talkie is a great way for businesses to communicate with employees when cell service is unavailable. The Motorola RMU2040 Professional Walkie-Talkie has 4 channels, 2 watts, 89 UHF Business-Exclusive Frequencies with 122 Codes, and a range of up to 250,000 square feet.
  • As one of the best radios available today, the RMU2040 offers 22 channels, a range of 40 miles, and 99 frequencies that can be selected by the user. It also features a keystroke tone signal.
  • Walkie Talkies Motorola RMU2040 meet Military 810C, D, E, F, G, and IP54/55 specifications, including two programmable buttons, a battery saver, voice prompts, and voice scrambling features.
  • There are a number of features and functions that Motorola RMU2040 Professional Walkie Talkies can offer in addition to battery saving, low battery alert, talk confirmation tone, channel scanning, and scanner channel deletion:
  • The weight of the unit is 8.6 oz 
  • Lithium battery with long battery life (18+ hours)
  • The power-saving and battery-saving features prolong battery life. 
  • Battery charger and rechargeable batteries are included
  • A PC is required for the configuration
  • A fixed antenna is included

4. Baofeng Professional Walkie Talkies

Baofeng Professional Walkie Talkies
Baofeng Professional Walkie Talkies
  • Brand: Motorola
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Channels: 16
  • Tuner Technology: UHF
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof

This Baofeng Walkie-Talkie features a compact design with 16 channels including the new FPP (Fixed Privacy Program) mode for China. This method of 2-Way Radio communication is the newest commercial release from the Baofeng Third-Generation Series. 

The advantages of the Baofeng Walkie-Talkie are clear to see. Each unit is built with a high-sensitivity receiver with noise-reduction technology that ensures that transmission is clear and clean. 

This unit has a dual-color display with a backlight, so you can easily make out the information. It has 5 power levels, so can be used practically anywhere. It has a standby time of up to 6 days and a talk time of up to 5 hours.

Key Feature of Baofeng Professional Walkie Talkies

  • A cable version of the upgraded walkie-talkie is used to charge it, and it takes only three hours to fully recharge, which is faster than USB charging. The walkie-talkie is now powered at 5 watts, which is stronger than the original 4-watt walkie-talkie. In addition, the distance has been extended to 4-8 km.
  • A compact and lightweight adult walkie-talkie with two lithium batteries (1.5 Ah) and a standby time of 5-7 days, the new walkie-talkie weighs only 0.3 pounds (6.7 inches x 1.65 inches x 0.6 inches).
  • A built-in LED flashlight and emergency call feature make it easy for you to tune two radios to the same channel. It’s free to operate, doesn’t require contracts, phone calls, or bills, and comes with a high-gain antenna, a USB charger, wrist straps, and belt clips. The product comes with a 24-month warranty and a 30-day no-return policy. We are here to help with any questions you may have.
  • There is a possibility of the walkie-talkie standing by for 5-7 days, and it can be used continuously for 8-12 hours with a full charge. The actual amount of time depends on how frequently the device is used, and it is capacity.
  • In a remote areas, this product is more stable than a cell phone. This product can be used by fire departments, construction workers, warehouses, factories, hotels, security, road trips, hunting, cruise ships, and mountains.
  • Walkie-talkie with two-way audio options from Great BaoFeng
  • With a power rating of 2 watts, this is very functional
  • The sound is clear and loud
  • Additional features can be activated through programming
  • Durable and very portable
  • Beginners may have trouble with the programming
  • Pricey

Best Choice

  • VOZKOM Profeessional Walkie Talkies


One of the best professional two-way radio communication tools you can use is a set of walkie-talkies. These portable and lightweight communication tools are a great way to ensure that you can communicate with your team members, even when you are far apart from one another. 

They are ideal for use in the workplace, or in any outdoor environment where you may need to communicate with your team when out of sight. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the best professional walkie-talkies on the market today.

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