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Today, Cobra rx685 Walkie Talkie the cell phone is the most commonly used and carried portable communication device in the world. Along with numerous features and advancements, cell phones are indispensable both for professional and personal use.

Walkie-talkies have been around for some time, but today’s technology has eclipsed them. However, walkie-talkies are often associated with conventional myths such as they are complex, expensive, require too much power, and so on.

This causes many institutions to restrict themselves to cellular communication to make up for these shortcomings. A walkie-talkie is a suitable device for reliable interaction between employees, according to Forestry Suppliers, Motorola’s reseller. The better option, it says, maybe walk-talkies.

Cobra rx685 Walkie Talkie

Cobra rx685 Walkie Talkie


Cobra RX680 2 Way Rugged Walkie Talkies

Cobra Electronics has designed the rugged and water-resistant RX680 two-way walkie-talkie for challenging outdoor adventure with its anti-slip grip, and built-in LED flashlight, dedicated volume/power knob, and a large LCD screen.

This rugged, waterproof Walkie Talkie is rated IP54 and features 60 channels and 10 NOAA weather channels. They are robust and waterproof, ordered at IP54.

They have an extended runtime, up to 18 hours (90% Standby, 5% Talk, and 5% Listen). You can use this radio for long runtime with its impressive 38-mile range and 2000mAH rechargeable Li-Polymer battery—ideal 2-way radio for trailblazing in the wild.

Cobra RX685 Walkie Talkie


  • This transmitter features an extended long range of up to 38 miles with 121 privacy codes designed to minimize interference.
  • Waterproof & dustproof
  • designed to IP54 standards.
  • The built-in NOAA radio receiver provides immediate alerts during storms and other emergencies.
  • With the included rechargeable batteries, you can expect up to 18 hours of runtime (90% standby, 5% talk, 5% listen). It also has a micro USB port charger.
  • This technology activates the radio by simply hearing the user’s voice, freeing hands to perform other duties.
  • Cobra RX680
  • 2 Watt Rugged Walkie Talkies
  • Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Range up to 38-Mile
  • Two Way Radio
  • NOAA Weather Alert
  • VOX (2 Pack)
  • Allows to adjust volume easily
  • Micro-USB cable, dock charger & rechargeable Li-ion batteries included.
  • Long Runtime18 hours


  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Long-range with clear audio


  • Frequency dependant
  • Not supported another carrier


  • Brand

  • Tuner Technology

  • Number of Batteries

    2 Lithium Polymer batteries are required. (included)
  • Water Resistance Level

  • International Protection Rating

  • Item Weight

    1.23 pounds
  • ASIN


Why Walkie-Talkie?

A walkie-talkie is a reliable way to alert a group of people simultaneously in an emergency. The Vertel walkie-talkies are the best to share quick and cautious messages. Besides, walkie-talkies are a smart choice for your business because compared to any other mode, considering that there are no call costs involved.

Therefore, to maintain constant communication in your business, the two-way radio is the best choice. Construction workers should be wholly focused on their work when working on a serious project, so it is essential to make sure their mobile phones do not distract them. So a walkie-talkie will ensure job efficiency and prevent any unnecessary accidents.


Any organization, regardless of size, will gain benefits from a reliable security system. We hear about car accidents, robberies, child abuse, and other mishaps every day. However, suppose customers take a few steps towards ensuring the safety and security of their place.

In that case, they can reduce the chances of such incidents and maintain a safe and secure environment for everybody. Investing in a wireless walkie-talkie can help you in this regard.

Communicate with Community:-

When you talk to groups of people walkie talkies, more so than cell phones, make communication easier by just pushing a single button. Businesses, such as insurance agencies and law enforcement agencies, find walkie-talkies convenient for group communication with others located at different sites.


The cost of walkie-talkies is lower than the cost of cell phones. Also, there is no regular monthly or service contract. Therefore, there is no tension about call durations or billing. Workers can also share a radio, saving money by not requiring one for each worker.

Instant Connectivity:-

Walkie-talkies are crucial when dealing with a conflict, including it as a means of communication between individuals without having to dial the number, wait for a ring tone, and converse with the other person before direct or indirect contact can occur.

Interaction clearness:-

The call quality of cell phones is affected by several factors, but walkie-talkies are still capable of clear interaction. Their features lower wind noise and enable resistance to vibration, extreme temperatures, and wet conditions.

Emergency Service 24/7

The communication network can break down under emergency conditions. Cell phone towers and telecom networks cease to work, and wireless communication cannot be established instantly; however, walkie-talkies continue to work and provide many benefits depending on the situation.

These have been the few among the many advantages of using walkie-talkies over cell phones. If, after reading this blog, you want to buy a good walker-talkie, check out Vertel walker-talkies! They have the best communication equipment.


Walkie Talkie is a two-way radio to communicate with people of your group without any charges.

Walkie-talkies can be clipped with shoulders to enable you to use them with free hands.

The walkie-talkie is one of the best forms of communication and is suitable for different business activities.

Walkie-talkie rental allows you to communicate by taking this device on rent.

If you want to use walkie-talkies for some special events like camping or hiking, you can get walkie-talkies on rent from various companies.

People can communicate unlimited time with walkie-talkies rental as there are no call charges and no limit of the time to talk.

Walkie-talkie rental offers instant communication.

The radio walkie-talkies can provide safety and security in different working environments and direct you to act immediately upon the mishappening to reduce the consequences and create a healthy working environment.

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